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Agevolando is a voluntary organization that works with and for young people leaving the “out of family” care programs to promote their autonomy, psychophysical well-being and active participation. When, upon reaching the legal age, the protections provided for minors are interrupted, they are expected too early to become adults: it frequently happens, when one has a complex personal history, to lose sight of one’s resources, as well as having a strong feeling of not being able to do it alone.

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Agevolando was born in 2010 in Bologna, Italy. Agevolando wishes for a world where care leavers have the opportunity – and recognize themselves the right and the chance – of choosing, as protagonists, their own path towards independence and self-realization, according to their own times and ways.

Thinking of having to be totally independent at 18 is difficult for everyone, even more so for those who lived part of their childhood “outside the family”, in foster and residential care.
Autonomy is for each of us a goal that is never definitively achieved. It is a journey during which care leavers should not feel alone, but helped through by other care leavers and reference figures they can rely on. Agevolando wants to be there so that the future may be a story yet to be written.




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