This year we are asking you to realise your potential to be that person in a child or young person’s village – to be(come) a #CareAware Ally.

For #CareDay22, children and young people with care experience are asking you to stand with them. There are a few different ways you can do this to show your support on the day: 

  • Share a photo of yourself (or just your hands if you are camera shy) on social media with #CareDay22 and/or #CareAware written on the palm of your hands.
  • Share a video selfie to wish children in care, those with care experience, and EPIC a very happy care day, or any other messages of solidarity and celebration you may have. 
  • Change your social media profile picture to our#CareAware graphics (download now: Design One or Design Two) for the week to show you’re standing with children and young people all over the world who have care experience.

When you are posting your messages of solidarity on your social channels – please use the hashtags #CareDay22 and #CareAware – so we can keep track of all the day’s activities and actions on our #CareDay22 Social Wall. 

So please pop this info and the date in your diary today: Care Day 2022, Friday 18 February. We are really looking forward to you joining the celebration, as remember“It takes a village”. 


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