Pesäpuu ry

Country: Finland

Pesäpuu works to improve the situation of children who are clients of child welfare services and to strengthen the children’s involvement. Our vision is that every child placed in care is safe participating valued and loved.

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About the Organisation

Pesäpuu ry is a national child welfare organization established in 1998. We are a non-profit organization supported by the Veikkaus.

Children and young people who are clients of child welfare services are at the core of Pesäpuu’s operations. The goal is to highlight the needs for change customer experiences and weak signals found in the child welfare sector.

The customers i.e. the children young people and their parents are also involved in Pesäpuu’s professional and development work as experts by experience. How can we help encourage and bring security to children and young people whose lives have not gone as they should have?

How to meet and interact with children placed in care in foster families family homes agencies receptions and schools so that the children feel that they are appreciated and listened to?

How can we adults child welfare professionals teachers and foster parents know how to appreciate and understand the children and young people who have gone through a lot?

Pesäpuu’s dream is that every child and young person who is a client of child welfare would take an active part in their own lives and in the decisions that concern them. Pesäpuu wants to make sure that each adult that is part of the life of a child or young person is prepared for their role as a person who supports encourages and motivates the child. By involving children and young people in the development work we can develop our own operating models tools and methods that make child welfare better more systematic and attentive to children.

We train child welfare experts foster families support persons and other people who are important in the lives of the children and young people to meet and interact with them better. Through our activities we bring the experiences wishes and dreams of children and young people placed in care into the spotlight and make the children visible and valuable. Just as they have always been. Each and every one of them. Pesäpuu also brings together methods developed elsewhere and cooperates with developers and researchers in the field.

We invite representatives from the private and organizational sectors as well as from municipalities and the state to work with us. This allows us to share and disseminate the good practices. Establishing the results of the development work is central to Pesäpuu’s operations. The results are available for everyone to use and our goal is that good practices are passed on to benefit the children and their families. The methods and tools produced are a promise to the children of the fact that their experiences are not ignored. That is why they bear the registered name LUPAUS LAPSELLE® (“A promise to a child”).

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